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This page allows you to upload files that can later be used in the wiki. It is especially useful for uploading images.

You give access to the uploaded file with the following syntax:

  • {{my_image.gif}} or [[Upload:my_image.gif]] inlines the image
  • Upload:my_image.gif shows a plain link
  • [[Upload:my_image.gif|my image]] shows the image under a link named "my image".

The uploaded files will be publicly accessible. They are stored in the Webdav subdirectory www/uploads. They can be used in the wiki, in the project web site and in blocks.

If you want to delete an uploaded file, you have to access the Web DAV from your file browser (not your web browser). See explanations.

A link to the uploaded file will be displayed on this page. You can edit the page to remove the link if you like.

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