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ACOS Forge online video training

An ACOS Forge online video training is available.

Direct access to videos

21 min

Video 0: setting up and administrating your project

Used tools: Admin

A user wants to create a project in ACOS Forge and administrate it.

  • user fills the request form to create a project
  • (after some delay) the project is approved by ACOS Forge team
  • user gives keywords that describe his project
  • user selects tools suitable for his project
  • user adds members to his project
  • user sets up rights for project members
  • (after some time) user consults statistics about his project

15 min

Video 1: collaborative knowledge base

Used tools: Wiki

A manager wants to build a knowledge base about a given subject. He creates a project on ACOS Forge centered on a wiki.

  • project creation with wiki activation
  • manager monitors all wiki pages
  • users create pages (they use tables, add a table of contents, upload images, etc.)
  • they use wiki discussion pages
  • status of pages is highlighted with banners
  • finished pages are locked

3 min

Video 2: feed-back from users with mailing list and survey

Used tools: Surveys, Mailing Lists

A new product has been delivered. Project manager wants to have feedback on the product use.

  • project manager creates project with mailing list (or forum) and survey
  • project manager subscribes users to mailing list
  • he creates a survey and informs users through mailing list
  • users answer the survey
  • project manager displays survey results
  • project manager uses spreadsheet to analyse results

11 min

Video 3: documentation management

Used tools: Documents, File Release System, Wiki, Web DAV

You want to write documents in a collaborative way and give easy access to a set of documents.

  • you create an ACOS Forge project with Documents, File Release System and Wiki
  • you reference existing documents in doc manager
  • you put documents in the Web DAV (users update doc iteratively)
  • users download documents
  • you are not obliged to upload docs, you can easily reference them
  • refine use of wiki and files

14 min

Video 4: publish release of software development

Used tools: Source Code, File Release System, Forums, News

A software project manager wants to publish a new software release.

  • he creates a project on ACOS Forge with Source Code, File Release System, Forums
  • he puts the source code in Source Code (collaboration about source code, branches...)
  • when ready, he creates a release in a package (in files) (release contains several files, including docs, binaries per platform)
  • he puts a Release Note in the wiki (locked)
  • Release Note has links to corrected Bugs
  • he sends an announce for his project (in mailing list) and publishes a news
  • users monitoring the package receive an e-mail alert
  • users download the release
  • software project manager consults the download statistics
  • user submits a Bug about the release
  • user browses the source code and proposes a first analysis of the bug

15 min

Video 5: brainstorming about a new subject

Used tools: Mailing Lists, Forums

You want to collect ideas on a new subject in a collaborative way. Many users can be involved and share ideas and information.

  • creation of mailing lists, of forums
  • trackers for action points
  • RSS to be easily informed
  • different ways to view forums
  • user starts thread, other user answers (in forum, by mail)

18 min

Video 6: monitoring the lifecycle of a software project

Used tools: Trackers

The project manager want to monitor the maintenance of a software. He needs to track bugs reports and change requests. He creates a project with appropriate Trackers, Task Manager, Source Code, File Release System.

  • trackers: bugs and change requests
  • management custom fields
  • monitor trackers
  • change tracker status
  • use Subversion to Tracker plugin
  • receive email alerts for every commit operations in the source code repository
  • RSS feeds on source code repository for components you are interessed in
  • view Gantt charts: planned tasks and progress
  • monitor file release package

9 min

Video 7: project management

Used tools: Tasks

The project manager wants to use a tool to follow up a project and to collaborate with resources. He creates tasks in the task manager, displays GANTT, exports to Microsoft Excel.

  • creation of project with tasks
  • tasks in Project, export in Excel, import in Task Manager
  • assignees receives mail from task notification
  • assignees update task status
  • users display GANTT
  • project manager exports to Microsoft Excel to get user data
  • he updates start and end dates with a Excel import

15 min

Video 8: ACOS Forge as a collaboration front end to your project

Used tools: Trackers, Source Code, File Release System

The project manager wants to use ACOS Forge as a collaboration front end to his project.

  • uses tag cloud and project classification
  • publish source code from a Clearcase VOB
  • publish bugs from bug tracking tool (DDTS)
  • give access to docs via links to project management system
  • publish release for download (see corresponding scenario)
  • users use RSS to follow project activities, news, releases

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