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Bell Labs Open Innovation


The Alcatel-Lucent Community of Open Innovation and Research cooperation platform will enable Bell Labs researchers to collaborate with their external partners on their common research projects.


Information exchange is the key priority of this platform and its design will facilitate:

  • Software distribution;
  • Web 2.0. team collaboration;
  • Open source collaboration.

Software distribution has always been a Bell Labs tradition and this new platform will allow researchers to share these useful tools with the global community.

Web 2.0 team collaboration, illustrated by the INRIA/Bell Labs cooperation, will be organized around tools such as wikis, forum, document sharing, code sharing.

Finally, the Open source collaboration will generate great opportunities to develop open source software in collaboration with the partners involved in a project.

How It Works

This platform provides centralized storage and tools for managing projects between Bell Labs and external partners.

For example, software jointly developed with an external partner will be placed in an easily accessible central location on the platform to host and exchange the software requirements, design, code, etc. The elements will remain readily available at all times, thus increasing interactivity and productivity among internal and external project team members.

You may need to register for access to projects and software downloads. Register using the "General Access" role.

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